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Do you have a size guide? Absolutely - you can find our size guide below:



How do I pay for my order? When ordering online, you can simply pay via PayPal or using your debit/credit card – it's pretty simple and only takes a few moments! 

Will my item look exactly how it looks in the picture? Certainly! We provide original images of our products on our listing but please don't get confused between these and the celebrity images that also feature on each page. We do take inspiration from catwalk looks and celebrity style so we'll sometimes upload an image of the original product next to our very own take on it. This helps you decide how to style your garment… not that you fashionistas need any assistance! ;)

What are your sizes like? Our items run true to size but they're designed to fit and flatter your best assets so if you're in-between sizes we'd recommend you go for the bigger size. If you would like some support from our team you can drop us a message!

When I try to track my order there are no available details. We're so sorry you are having trouble tracking your package. Sometimes Royal Mail can take a couple of days to update the status of your parcel, but please send us a message if you're still having difficulty after 48 hours.

How long does International delivery take? While we cannot guarantee exact delivery times due to the complicated nature of international mail delivery (use of air, road and rail) plus the variability of customs clearance, we have created an indicative chart of delivery estimates below:

  • Western Europe - 6 business days.
  • Eastern US and Canada - 7 business days
  • Eastern Europe - 6 business days
  • Western US and Canada - 7 business days
  • North Africa and Central Asia - 7 business days
  • South America, South Africa, Far East Asia and Oceania - 8-10 business days

Will I be charged customs and imports duties? Depending on the value of your order, your package may or may not be charged customs or import taxes. In our experience, if you are ordering a single item any charges are likely to be very small.

However, if your parcel does incur customs taxes or duty it's entirely up to you (as the receiver) to cover these costs. Unfortunately, as these charges differ from country to country we are unable to directly advise you on what these might be. We recommend contacting your local customs office prior to ordering so you're not surprised by any unexpected delivery charges.

How do I contact My Revolving Closet? Feel free to drop us an email at or use the contact forms on this website. One of our customer service representatives will be answering you shortly.